Who We Are

Right before heading home at the end of a trip around the world, Vanessa Muller and Dick Severs fell in love with the south-west of Portugal in the spring of 2019. It was especially here that they experienced the positive effects of nature and surfing; feeling very happy, energised and inspired.

During their one year adventure with their children, Vanessa and Dick started dreaming about a more conscious and healthier way of living, true to their values and interests.

What if you combine everything you are passionate about and incorporate that into your daily (working) life?

It gradually became clear that their dream included a life close to the ocean, surfing, while setting up and running a stylish and intimate surf lodge.

The many memorable interactions they had with other travellers in some of the hostels where they stayed formed an important element in their business concept. In general it’s places like these where you find a sense of community and vibrant atmosphere. Discovering new places, meeting people, doing new things: it makes you reinvent yourself, boosts confidence, happiness and satisfaction. Reasons enough for Vanessa and Dick to create their dream accommodation. With on one hand the social aspects of hostels in mind and on the other hand, their appreciation for well designed, clean, private spaces and a healthy breakfast as in a boutique hotel.

By the time it was autumn 2020, exactly one and a half year after Vanessa and Dick started their search for a place, they found a charming house in Vale da Telha, Aljezur, Portugal. A full renovation of the house and garden followed, in order to make both more sustainable. And in November 2021 Birds of Paradise - boutique surf lodge, opened it’s doors, in one of the most beautiful coastal areas and nature reserves Europe has to offer.